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Is Homeownership A Reality For You?

The age old question, Is it smarter to BUY vs RENT?

  • Mortgage can be cheaper than rent

  • Build equity in your home

  • Tax write-offs on Property Taxes & Interest

  • Stability in a place to live

  • Design, Paint or Decorate to your liking

  • No Landlord

  • Pride of ownership (social status)

  • It's the American Dream!

  • Rent prices are increase every year

  • Expensive Deposits that may not be refundable

  • No Tax Benefits

  • No wealth building or equity

  • Potentially have to move when lease is up

  • Rules, regulations, and limitations 

  • Must deal with landlord/management company

  • Always at the mercy of the property owner

Buying A Home

Renting A Home

Find Out If You Qualify To Buy? 

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What Is Your Estimated Credit Score?
What Is Your Household Income?
Do You Have An Idea Of How Much You Would Like To Spend On A Home?
How Much Are You Comfortable Paying Every Month For A Mortgage?
Are You Currently Working With A Realtor
Have You Ever Owned A Home Before?

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