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Home Is Possible™ Loan Program

Get bonus money. Buy a house. Celebrate. In a nutshell, that’s how the Home Is Possible program works.



Established by the state of Nevada in 2014, Home Is Possible helps homebuyers just like you to get up to 5% of the home loan value. That's thousands of dollars for a one-time fee of just $675. When you qualify, you can use that money for your down payment or closing costs.


Yes, really.


So what are the highlights of the Home Is Possible program? Here’s a handy dandy list.

Key Benefits:

  •  Get up to 5% of the loan value

  •  Usable for down payment and closing costs

  •  Forgivable after three years (if you stay in your home)

  •  Attractive 30-year interest rate

  •  No first-time homebuyer requirement

  •  Financing available for manufactured homes

  •  Statewide program


Program Requirements:

  •  Borrower may not own property at the time of closing

  •  For government loans (FHA, USDA, VA) — qualifying income must be below $98,500

  •  For conventional loans (HFA-preferred) — please visit our income limits by county page

  •  Home price below $484,350 

  •  Minimum credit score of 640

  •  Must live in home as primary residence

  •  Homebuyer education course required 

  •  Must meet standard underwriting requirements

  •  One-time fee of $675


If you love the benefits of the Home Is Possible™ Program Find out if you qualify for thousands of dollars in bonus money, courtesy of Nevada Housing Division and our Home Is Possible program.

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